Building online fundraising into your charity website with GivenGain

October 27, 2020
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The easier you make it to donate to your charity, the more likely people are to donate. We live in a fast-moving world, so visitors to your website should be able to make a donation or start fundraising in as few clicks as possible – before they have time to get distracted or frustrated. In this article, we share some suggestions to help you with this.

Add the GivenGain ‘Donate now!’ button to your website

The GivenGain ‘Donate now!’ button lets visitors donate directly to your GivenGain campaign in just a couple of clicks. Add it to your main page, somewhere nice and visible.

GivenGain Donate Now button

Head to our support page to see how to add the ‘Donate now!’ button to your website. Top tip! Add fixed donation amounts to your charity campaign to help your donors see the real difference they can make.

Help your supporters to fundraise too

On average, a single fundraiser on GivenGain contributes 20 times more to charity than an individual donor, as they share their fundraising projects with their networks. Therefore, the more donors you can convert into fundraisers, the bigger the impact you can make – and your website is the perfect tool for achieving this. You just need to make it easy for them.

  1. Start by creating a new fundraising section/category on your website. (How you do that will depend on the website builder that you are using, e.g. Wix, Wordpress etc.)
  2. Tell your supporters of the impact they can make by fundraising online – and how easy it is to set up a project on GivenGain. We can help by putting together a branded fundraising guide for your charity. Get in touch with us at to request your free fundraising guide or to find out more.
  3. Add some ideas on how your supporters can raise funds for your organisation. We’ve shared lots of great fundraising inspiration before, so why not pass it on?
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  6. How to use events to crowdfund for charity
  7. How to fundraise for charity when your event has been cancelled
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Add GivenGain’s ‘Start fundraising’ button

Without the GivenGain ‘Start fundraising’ button on your website, you would need to ask your supporters to navigate to the GivenGain website to set up their new fundraising campaigns. With it, you’re giving them a way to get there in one click!

Adding the ‘Start fundraising’ button to your website works a lot like adding the ‘Donate now!’ button. Visit our support page to see how to do it.

Need more inspiration? Check out these websites to see how other non-profits that we work with are turning visitors into dedicated fundraisers: