Corporate fundraising – the team building tool to do good

March 25, 2019
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The vast majority of employees (86%) blame a lack of collaboration or poor communication for workplace failures [1].

The clear message is that we mustn't underestimate the importance of team building, as it can lead to improved communication and collaboration. [2]

However, if the phrase “team building” reminds you of awkward trust exercises or expensive out-of-town retreats, rest assured it can be a lot more fun and effective.

More and more companies are using fundraising for team building. In fact, over £350 million has been raised by UK companies and corporate employees over the last three years! [3]

It's easy to see why it's so popular. Fundraising gives employees a chance to support a cause they care about, and improves collaboration, creativity and healthy competition – all of which is great for business and morale. [4]

Case in point

When Humanstate, GivenGain’s parent company, ran an 80’s Sports Day fundraiser in aid of West Kent Mind, it was a fun way to raise money for our local mental health charity, and our staff reported feeling an increased commitment to the company and their colleagues.

Other fundraising teams in our group have reported an improvement in their leadership, communication and decision-making abilities. Plus, there’s the added bonus of feeling good and creating an aura of positivity from doing good!

One fantastic way to fundraise in a corporate team is as part of a mass participation public event such as the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa, African races like the Kilimanjaro Marathon,  European races like Limassol Marathon or Asian events such as Ho Chi Minh City Marathon.

Sport events and the like are usually attended by thousands of people, so encouraging your employees to take part and fundraise is also a great opportunity to generate positive PR.

For your employees, participation can improve their well-being and increase productivity – all while raising money for an amazing charity!

GivenGain’s fundraising around events makes it easy:

  1. GivenGain creates your corporate fundraising profile and links your brand to the event you want to fundraise around.
  2. We work with your favourite charities to get them on board.
  3. We design and create content so you can invite your staff to create personal fundraising projects.
  4. Your staff can then share your fundraising project with their networks and ask for donations.

Companies get an all-in-one view of all employee fundraising. This allows them to measure success, see what countries donated and get real-time feedback to report to stakeholders and the public.

Did we mention GivenGain does all this for free? We’re a non-profit foundation with a mission to enable global philanthropy.

So sign up for a free GivenGain Teams account today and rally your colleagues to take part in an event and support a charity close to your heart.

Have fun giving to charity and gaining numerous employee engagement spinoffs!

[3] Institute of Fundraising – Corporate Fundraising report