GivenGain launches Team-based fundraising for charity

February 8, 2018
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GivenGain has added Teams to its stable of charitable fundraising tools. GivenGain Teams enables companies, sporting events, educational institutions, clubs and even families and friends around the world to fundraise together for any charity (or charities).Already, two major events have joined the platform: Cape Epic, one the world’s biggest amateur cycling races that attracts elite professional mountain bikers from all over the world, and the Two Oceans Marathon, known as “the world's most beautiful marathon”.

Increase your impact“GivenGain Teams is pitched at event organisers and corporate social investment [CSI] managers around the globe and works by leveraging the personal networks of staff or event participants fundraising together for any charity registered on GivenGain,” says Marius Maré, GivenGain marketing manager.A Team-based approach allows fundraising to quickly increase an event or company’s social impact. “The average GivenGain fundraiser raises $500, so if a Team gets 1,000 supporters, it can raise $500,000,” says Maré.“Teams really raises the bar in group fundraising, offering a slick and easy-to-use way to automate and consolidate your fundraising. It also allows you to see your social impact in one dashboard view, and to easily share it with the world or investors. In addition, it offers event organisers brand control over the fundraising already happening in conjunction with their event, as well as the ability to attract more entrants in future with the option to fundraise.”

How does it work?A Team fundraising organiser must register on GivenGain to create a Team fundraising page.Team members are then invited to start individual fundraising projects linked to the account and to share it with their family and friends to ask for donations. Specific charities can be linked as beneficiaries, either by the organiser or Team members.A non-profit for non-profitsGivenGain Teams is only the latest addition in a growing stable of fundraising solutions on the GivenGain platform, including individual fundraising for charity and direct fundraising by charities.Since 2001, GivenGain has helped charities in 60 countries receive millions from donors and fundraisers all over the world.Whereas other fundraising platforms commonly allow anyone to benefit from the generosity of donors, GivenGain strictly benefits charities only.In addition, it does not make a profit from the processing of donations. The GivenGain Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in Switzerland, uniquely making it “a non-profit for non-profits” whose sole purpose is to enable social change through fundraising.It takes only 90 seconds to set up a Teams fundraising page and share it. Sign up your corporate or sporting event today!