How charities can keep fundraising when events are cancelled or postponed

March 25, 2020
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With fundraising events being cancelled or postponed on a large scale, and fundraisers staying at home, our hearts go out to charities. In this time, alternative methods of fundraising will be crucial to help them continue their important work[i].

More andmore non-profits are embracing online fundraising, which harnesses the power oftheir crowds of supporters to win donations on their behalf.

Here are five ideas for adapting your fundraising efforts and fundraising successfully under quarantine:

1. Update and share your online fundraising campaign

Closures and quarantines mean people are spending more time online and on social media, and will be desperate for creative, positive, inspiring content. Use this opportunity to update your campaign and share it with your network. Maybe you could even put together a fundraising video?

2. Add adonate button to your website

When you can’t win donations face-to-face, add a convenient donate and fundraise button to your website – makesure to include suggested donation amounts with explanations so people can seethe impact different levels of generosity will have.

What’s more, our new “donor covers fee” option allows your donors to pay our5% platform fee and other processing charges for you, so online fundraising canbe more impactful than ever before.

3. Throw a(virtual) party

Thinking ofcancelling your upcoming gala or charity concert? Move it online instead, usinglivestreaming platforms like Zoom, Facebook Live or YouTube. Check out how quick-thinkingcharities are already smashing fundraising targets with virtual events.

4. Start a #stayhomechallengefor your charity

Social mediausers around the world are taking part in the #stayhomechallenge to share howthey are staying entertained under quarantine. Encourage your fundraisers tojoin in the fun – but with a fundraising twist. Ask them to share their#stayhomechallenge and add a fundraising link at the end. Don’t forget to tellthem to tag @givengain so that we can repost it!

5. Get yoursupporters to take part in a living room challenge

Marathons andcycle races, normally a huge source of donations for charities, may be out ofthe question right now, but virtual races are still going on every day! Appslike Zwift and Strava let users take part in races from their own living rooms,so encourage your supporters to (virtually) race for a cause.

It doesn’t have to be a sporting challenge, either. We recently shared a list of fun fundraising ideas to try at home. Why not pick one and ask your supporters to take part? Make it a community event: give it a hashtag, make posts on social media and ask people to share their videos.

We appreciate that fundraising under quarantine isn’t easy, but we’re always here to give you any support we can. We wish you the best of luck with your online fundraising efforts – and if you come up with a great online fundraising idea of your own, we’d love to hear about it. Please visit if you have any questions.

Stay safe!

The GivenGain Team