How MYLAPS and GivenGain will supercharge event fundraising

April 15, 2021
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MYLAPS Sports Timing and GivenGain have announced an exciting new agreement to offer free charity fundraising to mass sports events in the EMEA, Asia & Pacific regions. 

The partnership is great news for sports events as it will help increase their social impact and raise their profile among a new generation of socially conscious participants.

The partners

MYLAPS is the inventor of automated sports timing, and offers state of the art timing technology combined with services to offer the ultimate sports experience to athletes, their followers, and events. 

GivenGain’s event fundraising platform, used by mass participation events in 29 countries, is a natural fit for MYLAPS’ one-stop offering, as it enables organisers to make peer-to-peer fundraising an integral part of their events.

Together, GivenGain and MYLAPS can now offer a free fundraising service to event organisers in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific region, which will make their events more engaging and raise their global profile while making a social impact.

Memorable experience – before, during, and after race day

“During these uncertain times in the mass participation industry, we see that event organisers are re-thinking their propositions,” says Marius Maré, GivenGain’s Global Director of Operations and Partnerships. “Giving back to the community has become an essential part of the event experience.”

And it isn’t only a win for events. Enabling peer-to-peer fundraising will give MYLAPS event athletes a memorable experience that is social and shareable – before, during and after race day, the company has announced. 

GIvenGain also encourages participants to share their fundraising projects with their networks by e-mail, on social media and in person – helping them to join a vibrant global community of fundraisers while also providing valuable word-of-mouth marketing for the event.

MYLAPS events that add fundraising with GivenGain will find it easier to spread awareness of their events and keep participants returning year after year. 

Promotion for events and athletes

GivenGain’s famed white glove service will come in handy for events and athletes looking to make a difference.

Marius Maré, GivenGain’s executive director of Operations and Partnerships, says GivenGain support every level of the event, from the event organisers and charities to the participants, donors, and volunteers. 

“As well as our thorough onboarding process, we also promote the event and work with all charities to maximise their fundraising. Next to that we help participants with their efforts and create branded team fundraising projects for corporate partners.”

Supporting great causes

All in all, the partnership is a boon for events, charities and ordinary people wanting to make a difference while having a bit of fun.

“At MYLAPS we strive to create the ultimate sports experience for everyone,” says Raymond Perin, Global Commercial Director Active Sports at MYLAPS. “For events we have a one-stop-shop solution offering a wide range of event services. This partnership with GivenGain helps events with their fundraising. We look forward to onboarding many events and supporting great causes.”

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