Pick the perfect holiday fundraising project with Santa’s reindeer!

November 29, 2021
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Can you tell we’re feeling Christmassy at GivenGain? Our stockings are hung, our halls are decked, and we’re getting ready for some festive fundraising. But how do you choose the perfect event for your Christmas charity drive? Whether you’re doing some individual fundraising or throwing a corporate event, the secret is to think like a reindeer.

So which reindeer are you?

If you’re like Dasher and want something super quick, go for a classic Christmas jumper day! You could make it into a contest with colleagues or friends, where people ‘pay’ a donation to enter and there’s a vote on the best jumper. You could even do it online – post Christmas sweater selfies or host a video call and ask for donations to your online fundraising page.

As the name suggests, Dancer is the life and soul of the party. You too can live out your rock ‘n’ roll dreams by organising a charity talent show. Recruit a local celebrity to do the judging and give the proceeds from ticket sales to charity.

Prancer loves to put on a great show and strut his stuff, so a fashion show is the perfect fundraiser idea for schools, youth groups, sororities and other fashion-forward organisations. Ask local retailers and designers for clothes to model or scavenge your local charity shops or thrift stores to find stylish second-hand clothing, and ‘charge’ a donation for front row seats!

Just like the foxes she’s named after, Vixen comes alive at night. If you’re looking for a unique nighttime fundraising idea that raises money and awareness at the same time, then why not try sleeping rough for a night? Support a homelessness charity such as Feed Our Homeless, Horizons for Homeless Children or Street Is Not My Reality by spending a night on the streets sponsored by your crew.

Comet is the sportiest of all the reindeer and is always looking for the next surge of adrenaline. If you share his taste for adventure, choose a fundraising activity that’s out of this world! We’re talking sponsored bungee jumping, skydiving, wing-walking, abseiling or anything else that gets you out of your comfort zone.

Do you have a taste for sweet things like Cupid? Spread the love this Christmas with a charity bake sale. Make (or buy) a range of cakes, set up a stall and create a fundraising project on GivenGain, sharing your project QR code for people to make on-the-spot online donations. If they can’t make it to your stand, why not offer home deliveries in exchange for online donations?

With his name originating from the Dutch word for thunder, Donner is one noisy reindeer. Make some noise of your own by organising a virtual (or in-person!) carol concert to raise funds – singing talent optional. If you host it online, you can even use our livestreaming widget to encourage your audience to donate during the show.

Donner’s other half, Blitzen (meaning ‘lightning’ in Dutch), is a fast and playful reindeer. Everyone needs their presents wrapped, but it’s a time-consuming job… so get ready to channel your inner Blitzen and offer your gift-wrapping services in exchange for a small donation!

Are you as courageous as Rudolf, the youngest and bravest reindeer to join Santa’s sleigh team? Prove it. When everyone else is unwrapping their presents, take a bracing Christmas morning dip in the sea for charity. No worries if you’re in the southern hemisphere: you can get the same effect with a bath full of ice cubes!

Has this helped you make a deer-cision, or have you come up with a cool Christmas fundraising idea of your own? Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn and let us know all about it!