Virtual fundraising ideas with real impact

April 28, 2020
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At GivenGain, we’ve been inspired to see the great work that our charity partners are doing to help those most in need during the COVID-19 pandemic – but if they’re to keep going, they’ll be needing our help!

That’s why we’re sharing some more fun virtual fundraising ideas in this blog, to help you spread a little kindness and closeness in this time of separation. We could all use a bit of both right now.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is the new way to watch Netflix with your friends. It synchronises video playback for everyone watching and adds group chat to your favourite Netflix shows. Now move one level up with your own Netflix Donation Party: Pop some popcorn, pick a movie or show and share your donation link with your viewing buddies.

Hold a concert

Showcasing your talent on social media isn’t just for celebrities. Whether you’re a solo act or part of a band, try livestreaming a performance and sharing your fundraising link for tips. Why not take requests in exchange for donations?

Virtual coffee and cake

It’s easy to feel lonely in times of social distancing, so it’s important to stay connected with your loved ones. Pick a date and ask your connections for a small donation to your favourite charity to get involved. Then get everyone showing what they’re made of in your own bake-off, set a topic of discussion (to let participants’ housemates rate the cakes) and keep the conversation flowing on video chat!

Virtual happy hour

If you prefer something stronger, host a virtual happy hour for those fantastic Friday night vibes. You could even create a virtual drinks menu and ask attendees to donate the cost of a glass of wine – or a round, if they’re feeling generous.

Host a birthday fundraiser

Birthday plans on hold? Use your special day to make a difference. A birthday fundraiser is the perfect opportunity to ask for donations to a charity you love. Plus, it will give you even more reason to celebrate when this is all over!

Quiz night

Ask for a donation to take part and get each individual or team to contribute some quiz questions – or nominate yourself as the quiz master. Set up a group video call and see who has the best general knowledge. Fingers on buzzers!

Gaming for good

Video games are a great way to have some family fun, play with friends from all over the world or just lose yourself in a new world. Hold a pay-to-enter gaming tournament or ask for donations while you livestream your gaming marathon.

Big night in

Sick of sweatpants? You can still get dressed up even with nowhere to go. Why not dig out your dinner jacket or ballgown and get dolled up for donations? Pose for some sick selfies and blast out on social media what you are up to.

Garden party

If you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space, why not host a garden party at a safe distance from your neighbours? Play some music and you can allow your friends to choose the next song in exchange for a small donation.

Now, over to you. What have you been doing for charity recently? We’d love to hear about any fun ways you have found to raise funds! Let us know what you are up to here. If you haven’t started yet, there’s no time like now. Search for a charity to support on GivenGain to get started.